How to Tow a Motorcycle in Los Angeles, CA; Flatbed, Towing Cradles & Two Wheel Methods

Motorcycles are a common kind of vehicle in Los Angeles. So common in fact that several towing companies in Los Angeles can care and aid to them when it comes to roadside assistance. Motorcycle drivers aren’t any different from a regular car driver, but their vehicle needs are a lot different and very unique as well. For example, you couldn’t just latch a motorcycle on to the top of a flatbed tow truck like tow operators do most vehicles. With motorcycles, only having two wheels, do not have the stability to stand still through out the whole tow from point A to point B.

How to Tow a Motorcycle

There are several ways you can tow a motorcycle. Flatbed trailers are the most classic towing method and the first one a majority of people would think to use. The design of a flatbed’s solid frame with four wheels means there isn’t a lot that could possible go wrong. Another way you could tow a motorcycle is the two wheel towing method. It consists of two wheels on an axle supported by a frame with a ramp for loading. The motorcycle simply rolls up the ramp and is latched on in to place with hooks, straps, and locks that let it ride safely on the ramp. There’s also the towing cradles also known as the motorcycle trailer hitch. It’s a device that fits onto a car which provides a place to hold the front wheel of the motorcycle. The back wheel of the motorcycle stays on the ground and rolls along as the motorcycle is being towed.

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So there’s more than one way to tow a motorcycle in Los Angeles California and it isn’t that difficult or impossible to do it. The best part is that you can find motorcycle towing easily in Los Angeles. Just call SOS Fast Towing and we will be there right away!