Roadside Emergency Tips in Woodland Hills, CA; Retrieving Personal Property Before a Tow & More

Most drivers will prefer to never need a tow. The circumstances that lead to needing a tow are usually frustrating and unpleasant. But when those inconveniences do arise, it is nice to know that someone can help. Instead of playing phone book roulette when looking for a tow, there are steps you can take to ensure the tow company that arrives is reputable, with well-maintained towing equipment and vehicles. With that in mind, we at SOS Fast Towing would like to share tips for when you need in the Greater Los Angeles, California area to help make the experience a little more efficient.

What to Do While Waiting for a Tow Truck After a Car Breakdown

1) Prepare for a Roadside Emergency. Before you ever need a tow or roadside assistance, do the research now to find your towing expert. Verify certifications, licensing, insurance, and other credentials. Check their hours of operation, preferably a company with 24/7-hour availability. When you narrow down the candidates, find out their specifics on policy, pricing, and methods of payment. Be sure to not only store the towing company’s contact information in your cellphone, but also their information written out in your emergency kit just in case the cellphone is inoperable. You will also want to retrieve personal belongings at this time.
2) Roadside Safety Tips. You and your passenger’s safety is the top priority, whether you require a tow because of an accident or a breakdown. If appropriate and doable, move your vehicle out of traffic. If there is a safe place to wait for assistance from the towing experts, empty the vehicle of all passengers and wait in a safe zone away from the vehicle.
3) Call a Professional Towing Company. You can reach a towing company more quickly and conveniently keeping their number saved in your phone. When talking to the dispatcher ensure you are very specific to your location, the circumstances you are in and any other pertinent information they ask. Always give accurate information so the towing company is more prepared to handle your specific needs with maximum efficiency.
4) Confirm Towing & Roadside Assistance Payment Options & Price. Though you likely learned pricing, payment methods, and other vital information, it is always good to confirm the information you last had. Businesses evolve policy and procedures as time goes on, including towing companies. Additionally, you can also ask for estimated time of arrival and stats to eliminate any surprises before they arrive.
5) Make Future Arrangements for Your Towed Car. You can let the dispatcher or the driver where the vehicle needs to be taken to after you have completed the prior steps. While you are waiting for the tow, you can make arrangements with your mechanic for delivery, or if you simply want it parked at your home. In any case, be sure to make arrangement to conserve price. You do not want to presume a mechanic can fit you in if they have a waiting list or no room for your vehicle.

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