Tips when Having Your Car Towed in Malibu, CA; Preparing for a Tow, Safety, Who to Call & More

When you find yourself in the situation where your vehicle needs to be towed, there are a few things you may want to do before the towing takes place. The situation can determine the best way to properly prepare for the tow. For those who may find themselves involved in an accident, or if your vehicle has broken down on the side of the road, this can be a pretty scary situation. SOS Fast Towing would like to share what to do when you find you need an emergency tow and how you can properly prepare and stay safe before and after the tow.

Preparing for a Tow Before You Need One

It is often recommended that you already know which towing service or roadside assistance service provider you will want to use before you need them. This way you have a number to call if and when that time should come. It’s best to seek out your own towing company and have their number saved in your phone. Preparedness can greatly help in an emergency situation.

Towing Safety

When you find yourself broken down or in an accident, safety is the first priority. First make sure all passengers are okay. Then, if possible, get the vehicle off the road (unless you were in a collision). Make sure to turn your emergency or hazard lights on to help alert oncoming traffic. If you are broken down, get out of the vehicle and away from the road as soon as possible, but stay near your vehicle. If you are equipped with caution cones or flares, set them up behind your vehicle. In heavy traffic stay in the vehicle and turn your emergency lights on. If traffic lightens up and it is safe, push your vehicle off of the road if possible.

Who to Call for Towing

If involved in an accident be sure to call 911 or law enforcement and report the accident. Give the location of the accident and wait for help to arrive. If your vehicle is damaged and cannot be driven, contact your towing service company. If your vehicle is broken down you will only need to contact your towing provider. Depending on the condition or cause of the break down, you may need the vehicle towed or you may simply need roadside assistance services.

Determine Tow Location

When having your vehicle towed you will need to determine the drop off location. Some may want their vehicle taken to their mechanic or to the dealership depending on their insurance coverage. Others may want their vehicle towed to their home for further inspection or they need time to make the proper arrangements. In some cases the vehicle is totaled and needs to be taken to the scrap yard. Before the vehicle is towed make sure you have a drop off destination. Before the vehicle is taken away make sure to take pictures and get all of your items out of the vehicle.

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